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Technical Briefing Series

The aim of the CWEMF’s Technical Briefing Series is educational;  by presenting background and factual information on timely issues in a non-partisan atmosphere, we hope to facilitate the wider goal of building understanding, and eventually consensus, among the stakeholders on the technical basis for models used to analyze California’s water-related issues.

Ammonia/Nutrient Issues and Regulatory Oversight in the Delta

Fri., October 28, 2011
8:30 - 12:30
Cal-EPA Building
Sierra Room Auditorium - Second floor
1001 I St., Sacramento

Why did ammonia suddenly become a hot topic in the Delta?  In this -day briefing from subject matter experts, our aim is to present information to clarify the issues and hypotheses on how ammonia levels in the Deltamay be affecting nutrient dynamics. Topics include the State’s role in monitoring and regulating Delta waters, why the State became involved in ammonia, a survey of data collected to provide a factual basis for potential Water Board decisions, how recent data collection efforts have improved our understanding of ammonia dynamics in Delta waters, and recent modeling efforts that track the sources and fate of ammonia in upstream watersheds and in the Delta.

Briefing Schedule

8:30     Registration

9:00     Welcome     pdf01
                    Marianne Guerin, CWEMF Convener

9:10     Ammonia in the Delta and how the State Water Board got involved pdf01
                   Mark Gowdy, SWRCB

9:30     Data collection, analysis and findings on the “Ammonia Issue”     pdf01
                   Chris Foe, CVRWQCB

10:10    10-minute break

10:20   Conceptual model of ammonium utilization at the base of the Delta food web pdf01
                    Richard Dugdale, SFSU, Romberg Tiburon Center

11:00   Isotopic models, DSM2 QUAL and ammonia/nutrient dynamics in the Delta
                    Megan Young, USGS Menlo Park

11:40   Upstream Sources of Ammonia and Nutrient Dynamics in the Watersheds pdf01
                    Carl Chen, Systech Water Resources

12:10   Wrap-Up    pdf01